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Opening for SEO Specialist in Bangalore with 2 to 5 years of experience

The successful Candidate will have a proven grounding in SEO and SEM techniques Optimisation;

If you would like to work for a dynamic and energetic company and wish to be part of an exciting and varied team, get in touch with your CV and covering letter.

We would be interested in individuals with the following skills:
• SEO on-page optimisation.
• SEO link building / off-page optimisation.
• SEM – strategies and planning.
• Proven results (SERPS).
• PPC knowledge preferable but not essential.

Required Profile
• Measured success in previous SEO role(s).
• Strong command of English and additional languages are an asset (as our SEO is multilingual).
• Strong web writing skills and SEO technical skills.
• Strong analytical skills.
• At ease with data analysis and problem solving.
• Well organized and able to multitask.
• Enthusiastic and passionate about search engine optimisation.
• Ability to handle pressure and work to deadlines.
• Good Communication skills.


eZeeCloud Infoserves Pvt Ltd provides the Hospitality Industry with an end-to-end Online Booking and Yield Management solution as a web based application.

How to Apply :

eZeeCloud Info Services Pvt. Ltd.,
# 181/8, Anish’s Pride 2nd Floor, 5th Main,
Jayanagar 4th Block
Bangalore, Karnataka,
India 560011

Email your resume to

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SEO Tips # 131 – URL Submission in Google ( Q & A)

QUESTION: Should one submit their URLs to the various regional Googles, or will a submission to the global Google automatically put you in the appropriate regionals?

ANSWER: “Just one to the main site will do.” (This tip..straight from Google’s mouth)

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SEO Tips # 130 – Google Fight (Fun)

Have you wondered about which keyword phrase is listed more often
in Google?

At Google Fight, you can type in two competing key phrases and see
which one is listed more often in the Google database. Have fun!

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SEO Tips # 129 – Submit in Google News

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SEO Tips # 128 – Wordtracker Magic

Are you aware of your customer’s “high interest” topics?
How much are you allowing yourself to explore outside of the
“keyword hunt” mindset?

It’s not just “keywords” or “keyword phrases” but are you tapping
into the customer’s marketplace needs and interests?

You can use Wordtracker to explore the worlds’s searching behavior
and build that content which truly satisfies one of the customer’s needs.

Read Wordtracker Magic

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SEO Tips #127 – Link Building Search Queries

By Ann Smarty ( Source : Search Engine Journal )

Some tips on how to search effectively for Link Building :

  • keyword sponsors
  • keyword sponsorship
  • keyword sponsor charity
  • keyword benefactors
  • keyword donate
  • keyword donations
  • keyword donors
  • keyword “add url” / “add * url”
  • keyword “add site” / “add * site”
  • keyword “add website” / “add *website”
  • keyword “submit url” / “submit * url”
  • keyword “submit site” / “submit *site”
  • keyword “submit website” / “submit * website”
  • keyword “suggest url” / “suggest * url”
  • keyword “suggest site” / “suggest site”
  • keyword “suggest website” / “suggest * website”
  • keyword “recommended links”
  • keyword “recommended sites”
  • keyword “recommended resources “
  • keyword “favorite links”
  • keyword “favorite sites”
  • keyword bookmarks
  • keyword resources
  • “list * keyword * sites”
  • “add comment” keyword / “add * comment”
  • “post comment” keyword / “post * comment”
  • keyword “leave a comment” / “leave * comment”
  • keyword “no comments”
  • keyword “powered by wordpress”
  • keyword “notify me of follow-up comments”
  • keyword “wiki” (
  • keyword forum / keyword forums
  • keyword discussion boards
  • keyword members
  • keyword join
  • keyword “advertiser testimonials”
  • keyword “related URLs” / “* related URLs”
  • keyword “related sites” / “* related sites”

More options: take advantage of inurl: search operator:

  • inurl:tag / inurl:tags
  • inurl:blog / inurl:blogs
  • inurl:forum / inurl:forums
  • inurl:add-link / inurl:submit-link

Also don’t forget these restricting queries that will help you to narrow search results to whatever you need:

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SEO Tips # 126 – Don’t ever create a page just for the search engines

Who is YOUR “ideal buying audience?” When you write your Web site
content, who are you focusing it on?

Do you you have one type of customer you prefer to do business with
over another?

Don’t ever create a page just for the search engines. The search
engines aren’t and probably won’t ever be your customers. Keep your
true customers in mind, and give THEM true value throughout your site
and in your content.

Unique, original, high quality and truly engaging content that meets
the searcher’s original query. That’s the high road to long term

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SEO Tips # 125 – Keyword Observation Deck

When is the last time that you checked the KEI Observation Deck for some free
keyword observations?

Be sure to check the archives too – it’s free!

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SEO Tips # 124 – Internet Relationships

The Internet at it’s very best, is all about realationships.

So in whatever industry you’re in, form real, lasting, honest relationships
with others in your industry. These relationships should never be one-sided
and never solely for personal gain, because your motives will always show

Form genuine relationships, the kind where these people can call on you as needed, and they know they can “count on you” and you “can count on them.”

Business is about “making money,” but life is “all about people.”
Never forget that and you’ll be encouraged and renewed time and time again.

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SEO Tips # 123 – Search Engine Ranking Fluctuations

When your search engine rankings fluctuate, or even if your site drops from the rankings, don’t panic. Understand that these things  happen in this industry, and they WILL happen to you.

They happen to all of us.

What you DON’T want to do is make any changes to your Web pages because of fluctuations in the rankings or because your site drops out of the rankings. Step back and wait to see what happens.

Watch the industry. Read the news.

In all likelihood, your pages will reappear right back where they should be (or close to those rankings), if you haven’t done anything wrong (such as using spam). Fluctuations in rankings are normal.

Remember that this year, rankings in the traditional sense will be far less important because of the “personalization of search.”

Far too many people PANIC in the short term, when they would be wiser to just take it easy and not start making changes so quickly. Just a word to the wise!

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