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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013

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Happy New Year 2012 – Abdul Malick

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Thanks to Google on my Birthday Wish..

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ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 Time Table Schedules


Match no.
Date Teams Venue
1 19 Feb 2011 India vs Bangladesh Dhaka
2 20 Feb 2011 New Zealand vs Kenya Chennai
3 20 Feb 2011 Sri Lanka vs Canada Hambantota
4 21 Feb 2011 Australia vs Zimbabwe Ahmedabad
5 22 Feb 2011 England vs Netherlands Nagpur
6 23 Feb 2011 Pakistan vs Kenya Hambantota
7 24 Feb 2011 South Africa vs West Indies New Delhi
8 25 Feb 2011 Australia vs New Zealand Nagpur
9 25 Feb 2011 Bangladesh vs Ireland Dhaka
10 26 Feb 2011 Sri Lanka vs Pakistan Colombo
11 27 Feb 2011 India vs England Kolkata
12 28 Feb 2011 West Indies vs Netherlands New Delhi
13 28 Feb 2011 Zimbabwe vs Canada Nagpur
14 1 Mar 2011 Sri Lanka vs Kenya Colombo
15 2 Mar 2011 England vs Ireland Bangalore
16 3 Mar 2011 South Africa vs Netherlands Mohali
17 3 Mar 2011 Pakistan vs Canada Colombo
18 4 Mar 2011 New Zealand vs Zimbabwe Ahmedabad
19 4 Mar 2011 Bangladesh vs West Indies Dhaka
20 5 Mar 2011 Sri Lanka vs Australia Colombo
21 6 Mar 2011 India vs Ireland Bangalore
22 6 Mar 2011 England vs South Africa Chennai
23 7 Mar 2011 Kenya vs Canada New Delhi
24 8 Mar 2011 Pakistan vs New Zealand Pallekelle
25 9 Mar 2011 India vs Netherlands New Delhi
26 10 Mar 2011 Sri Lanka vs Zimbabwe Pallekelle
27 11 Mar 2011 West Indies vs Ireland Mohali
28 11 Mar 2011 Bangladesh vs England Chittagong
29 12 Mar 2011 India vs South Africa Nagpur
30 13 Mar 2011 New Zealand vs Canada Mumbai
31 13 Mar 2011 Australia vs Kenya Bangalore
32 14 Mar 2011 Pakistan vs Zimbabwe Pallekelle
33 14 Mar 2011 Bangladesh vs Netherlands Chittagong
34 15 Mar 2011 South Africa vs Ireland Kolkata
35 16 Mar 2011 Australia vs Canada Bangalore
36 17 Mar 2011 England vs West Indies Chennai
37 18 Mar 2011 Sri Lanka vs New Zealand Mumbai
38 18 Mar 2011 Ireland vs Netherlands Kolkata
39 19 Mar 2011 Australia vs Pakistan Colombo
40 19 Mar 2011 Bangladesh vs South Africa Dhaka
41 20 Mar 2011 Zimbabwe vs Kenya Kolkata
42 20 Mar 2011 India vs West Indies Chennai
23 Mar 2011 First Quarter final Dhaka
24 Mar 2011 Second Quarter final Colombo
25 Mar 2011 Third Quarter final Dhaka
26 Mar 2011 Fourth Quarter final Ahmedabad
29 Mar 2011 First Semi final Colombo
30 Mar 2011 Second Semi final Mohali
02 Apr 2011 FINAL Mumbai

Read more ICC cricket World Cup 2011 Live score updates from ICC Cricket website andCricket Live Score website


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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2011

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Send Feedbacks on Crawl-Delay in Bing

Bing is looking for input on Crawl-Delay:

In keeping with Bing themes of rapid change and responding to input and feedback from the webmaster community, Bing webmaster teams are working on future feature planning for the Bing webmaster tools and they would like to hear user and webmasters thoughts in a few areas. They starts from Crawl-Delay.

Today, Bing fully support crawl delay which is specified in robots.txt.

Now Bing are considering creating a tool which allows to directly control the frequency, and perhaps even the timing, of msnbot/bingbot.

A few questions from Bing Team:

  1. Do you prefer for us to continue to support crawl-delay in robots.txt?
  2. Would you like to be able to control the crawl rate based on time of day?
  3. What are the ranges of crawl rate you would like to see if you had control over the time of day?
  4. Would you want to turn crawling on/off by time, or just specify different crawl rates based on the time of day?
  5. If you had this ability to directly control the crawl rate through a webmaster tool, how often would you adjust the settings?
  6. If we built this tool, would you like it to control our fetching directly, or would you rather have the tool output the proper robots.txt entries which you then insert into your robots.txt file?

Feel free to send reply to this post on email to

( Source : Bing Webmaster Central Blog )


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Google Celebrate 12th Anniversary – Happy Birthday..!!

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Urgent : Help and Support for Poor Children’s Medical Treatments

Dear Friends,

Please Help to poor children for their Medical Surgeries. They need our help for live in the world.

Meenakshi Mission Hospital and Research Center from Madurai, India conducted this surgery for 10 poor children.

Please Find the details of children who are waiting for surgery .

Yocin Cimera == Click here for Surgery and medical expenses

Immanuel == Click here for medical expenses

Your support will help to these children to receive subsidized medical intervention!

Your support will help a child to get a new life!

Your donations will help put back the smiles on the faces of more such children

For more information about S.R.Trust, please contact us at:
Resource & Development Department
Meenakshi Mission Hospital and Research Centre,
Lake area, Melur Road, Madurai 625107
Tamil Nadu, India
Tel: (+91) 452 2588741, Fax (+91) 452 2586353
Email: ,

Please note: S. R. Trust is a public charitable trust in India. All donations made to S .R. Trust, registration number 291/85 are
I tax deductible under 80G of IncomeTax Act of 1961 vide Government of India, office of the Commissioner of Income Tax, Madurai, number C.No.464/40/86-87 letter dated 15,09.2008, is valid till 31.03.2011.

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