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SEO Tips # 110 – Link Text for SEO

Are you using link text that contains your keyword phrase on each Web page?
In other words, if your Web page is optimized for “English Bulldog puppies,”
are you using English Bulldog puppies as link text somewhere on the page?

What could you be linking to?

-An additional page on your Web site with more information about English Bulldog
-A product page where you’re selling English Bulldog items;
-A page containing pictures of English Bulldog puppies;
-Yes, you could be linking to another site, but only if you want to
send your customers to another Web site.

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SEO Tips # 92 – Anchor Text and Linking

Remember to use supporting words, synonyms, and surrounding text when linking between pages. Allow for at least a 20% topic drift and avoid use the exact same link text (anchor text) to link between all of your pages and Web sites.

Avoid building up link reputation that looks unnatural or contrived. If you’re a writer, swap up your bio as well. After all, don’t you want to be found under a variety of different keyword phrases that are important to your business.

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SEO Tips #50 – Value of Descriptive Text Within Links

We all know the value of using descriptive text within links.

Check your pages for opportunity to improve linking effectiveness internally by exploring those hidden little words that you can tend to use sometimes without thinking.

Although we know we need to use very descriptive verbs and phrases, there is often opportunity to improve if you really think to check.

For example try not to use terms within your links such as “Use”, “View” or “click here for more products.”

If you are referring to a phrase like “view the gallery” it is better than just a text link saying “view.”

But try and describe what is in the gallery too and you’ll define it even more.

For Example:

“View the home improvement gallery”
“View our wild bird feeder gallery”

On your product category pages, be sure you link to your individual pages with anchor text that truly contains more verbose descriptive terms that are genuinely meaningful.

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SEO Tips #48 – Common Statements

Go through your site and look for common statements like:

Click here for a quote, or Click here for more information.

These are areas where you can include keyword phrases.

For example, Click here for a mortgage loan quote, or Click here for more
graphic arts information. Be sure to make the entire sentence a link, or
at least make the keyword phrase a link.

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