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SEO Tips # 108 – Article Writing and Marketing

Chances are, if you have ever done any article marketing you already know the power of submitting a well written article to a niche or very topic focused directory geared to a specific purpose.

For example, one of my personal favorites is that of Evan Carmichael’s site which is focused specifically on the area of business entrepreneurs. This site attracts people that are interested in all types of business. I’ve talked before about how much traffic and link benefit you can gain from articles.

But here is something you maybe did NOT know…because it has not  gone out to the public yet.

Evan, is getting ready to take on more new authors and now has opportunities for you to become an author too.

But here is what else is new:

A brand new updated Authors Dashboard

— When you grab your free account and log in, you can now see various tabs across the top called “Dashboard”, “Analytics”, “Marketing”, and “Help/FAQ” – Each page contains the resources that you need to help you succeed.

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SEO Tips #42 – Tips for New Twitter

The first 3 things to do if you’re new to Twitter are:

1. Upload your author photo. Profiles without photos are lame.
2. Upload your 140 character author bio.
3. Engage & become involved in the conversation that is Twitter.

This is the fastest way to attract Followers to your Twitter profile.

Now every time you submit a new article and it gets published, your
followers will be auto-updated on Twitter.

OTHER GREAT Article Resources: (if you enjoy writing your own
original content)

Http:// is very good for traffic.

Even if you are not using Twitter right now, I highly recommend
all of these busy article marketing directories. If you already
have articles published on then
Here is the simple “How To Get Started” instructions.

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