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SEO Tips # 149 – Are you continually looking for new types of content to add to your Web site?

Are you continually looking for new types of content to add to your Web site?

One type of content to consider adding is “statistical data.” What is useful or of high interest to your target audience? If the stats aren’t your own, always indicate where you’re getting them. It’s important to quote your source.

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SEO Tips # 70 – Content Freshness and RSS Feed

“Content freshness” refers to how often your Web content gets updated. To put it simply, the more often you add new content to your Web site, you are feeding your visitors new information.

But you are also feeding the search engines new information.

The effect of updating your content will have an impact on several things such as:

* having more visits from search engine spiders on a regular basis.
* having high quality fresh new content also gets your web pages indexed faster if the robots visit more regularly
* having a site that is consistently updated on a regular basis has benefits to both visitor behavior and search engine relevancy.

Now there is a product that gives you the ability to easily add fresh content to your web pages the easy way. It’s about satisfying your viewers AND the search engines… giving them both something they love!

Fresh, original content…through RSS or Really Simple Syndication.

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SEO Tips #66 – Content Freshness in Blogging

One of the most misunderstood points of Blogging is concerning your
“content freshness” factors.

Content freshness: Write lots of good interesting content and post
to your Blog consistently. How often? The more often the better.
Just remember that you are writing for your readers who are pinged
when you post a new update. But you are also driving the search
engine robots wild with a blog that seems to continually have new
content on it.

Posting shorter Blog entries on a regular “hourly” basis is even
more effective than posting on a “weekly basis.” It’s not hard to
do once you understand the importance of consistency.

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SEO Tip #10 – Content freshness

Remember that you can get much more relevancy for “content freshness”
than you may expect.

Content freshness: Don’t just dump a bunch of new content on your
Web site, but consistently add new articles or content on a regular

Watch how the search engine robots behave when you start doing this

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