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SEO Tips #56 – SEO Importance for Contents

In your last or current project, are you creating content that your visitor will be GLAD that they found? It’s good to examine our own work from time to time. Give it some thought and be brutally honest with yourself.

Are you creating that immediately assists in filling a specific search for information.

-Content of true merit.
-Something useful.
-Content that you can feel proud you created.
-Something helpful.
-Content of a nature that is so helpful, others may even want to
link to it or Blog about it?

Never get tired of exploring new ways to add value to your work and in the future, you’ll notice that much of the junky pages that are thrown together by Spammers in a rush, will simply no longer be able to compete. Not in value, not in ranking and not in productivity.

But the content you create shall stand the test of relevancy for many years.

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SEO Tips #34 – Contents And SEO

Let’s give you a few tips on content and SEO. So many times people
feel somewhat limited by their research options and often go after
keywords for the same types of content that everyone else is after.
Here are 5 Tips from Robin Nobles to get you thinking about other
useful content you could put on your Web site after you do the

1. Online planners or reminders.
Example: wedding or baby sites; diet sites. Hunting sites could use
them for the different seasons in different states. Have the ability
to print out the information.

2. Quizzes. People LOVE to take online quizzes. Be sure to respond
to everyone who takes the quiz with more information about your
online business. How could a software company use an online quiz?

3. Glossary of terms for your industry. Continue to flesh it out as
you think of new terms.

4. Humor.
Is your industry conducive to humor? Let’s take the legal industry.
Lawyer jokes are quite plentiful, to say the least. What if a
down-to-earth lawyer put up a page with lawyer jokes on his site?
Would that make his site unprofessional, or would that help his
customers feel like he would be the type of guy they could really
relate to? Think about it.

5. Create a new “high interest” page by researching a topic that
you have never before identified that would be useful to your
specific buying audience. If you are selling to retail products to
ladies, is there a complimentary product or even an affiliate
product that you could also sell to their daughters.

Example: if you had a Writers Web site of interest to women, could
you offer a special type of fun diary type product that they could
buy for their daughters?

Thank you for these tips Robin. Excellent stuff!

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SEO Tip #26 – Writing for the Reader

Your Tip of the Day involves writing for the reader:

Never make the error of assuming that someone reading your offer
will automatically connect the features of your product or your
service to the benefits.

They won’t, unless you dialog about it in such a way that will
help them see every benefit.

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SEO Tip #23 – SEO Content Writing and Copyrights

After all, as SEOs we are all creating content for the Web. Did you know when your create any originally written work, you automatically own the copyright?

In fact over 200 years ago, the courts recognized that authors of any originally written work for personal correspondence hold full property rights in their expression. So when you create something original, you own the copyright and it not only includes articles, but it is true for your Web content or even correspondence that is sent by e-mail too.

Under common-law copyright, authors hold a right to control whether their correspondence is published to third parties. This is a common-law protection of “private expression” and is nearly absolutely, immune from any defense of “fair use.”

Accordingly, the routine practice of email forwarding would violate  principles of common-law copyright.”

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SEO Tip #13 – Article Marketing

Here’s a tip if you are looking for easy ways to build descriptive link reputation, gain new visitors and traffic that is 100% white hat.

Article Marketing

Article Marketing the correct way it should be done, has huge advantages
over other types of link building because it has full benefit of being seen as 100% white hat, which it is anyways.

Have you ever heard some marketer tell you that articles are  “duplicate content?”

Articles are NOT duplicate content and the next time someone suggests to you that they are, ask them why Yahoo and Google would have a Creative Commons area where they encourage you to publish other peoples work. Search Engines understand that articles (similar to news) is meant to be syndicated.

So where do your links go? Usually the best place is in the Bio which is a few sentences at the end of the article.

Here is an excellent place to get started: (It’s free)

Just sign up and you can be writing to a huge audience of business  entrepreneurs. The more you write, the higher you will rank and remember to use your all important keyword text within your bio links.

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