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SEO Tips # 93

Create a content rich, informational site which is loaded with quality articles, tips, free advice, and tutorials, and keep your options to buy a product very subtle. The number one reason most people go online is to look up information, so the key is to discover high-demand topics for a niche audience and give your audience exactly what they are searching for first. Satisfy their search first and then offer them the option to buy.

When working on your content remember to “flesh it out” in the re-write process with a few additional synonyms of your focused keyword phrase. You want your article highly focused on your topic, but it should not sound Spamy with the same keywords repeatedly used in an un-natural way. Google loves to see synonyms and antonyms and descriptive related text used in your copy so that your content reads well to a human being.

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SEO Tips #63 – Importance of Keyword Reseach

Make sure you are aiming at writing high quality content, (content which is well-written and useful to your visitors.) Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence influences, the better quality of content you write for your visitors, the better you will naturally rank in the future.

By the way, here is a tip about gaining visibility to brand new markets, but without doing any keyword research at all. This is a bonus tip that is “beyond SEO.”

I know it sounds strange coming from someone like me, who is constantly testing new keyword research techniques and researching user behavior through “keyword forensics.” But I just thought you should know about this if you have not seen it.

It has absolutely nothing to do with keyword research.
Now you can:

–Gain huge volumes of new highly-targeted traffic
–Do a different type of research to help you attract immediate
traffic and sales (even to a brand new Web site) within 2-3 days.
–Not SEO focused – but it is 100% white hat and safe to do.
–It does not require any advertising involve any PPC or
–Grab the Step by Step Report which is easy to follow – just
follow the checklist.

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SEO Tips #34 – Contents And SEO

Let’s give you a few tips on content and SEO. So many times people
feel somewhat limited by their research options and often go after
keywords for the same types of content that everyone else is after.
Here are 5 Tips from Robin Nobles to get you thinking about other
useful content you could put on your Web site after you do the

1. Online planners or reminders.
Example: wedding or baby sites; diet sites. Hunting sites could use
them for the different seasons in different states. Have the ability
to print out the information.

2. Quizzes. People LOVE to take online quizzes. Be sure to respond
to everyone who takes the quiz with more information about your
online business. How could a software company use an online quiz?

3. Glossary of terms for your industry. Continue to flesh it out as
you think of new terms.

4. Humor.
Is your industry conducive to humor? Let’s take the legal industry.
Lawyer jokes are quite plentiful, to say the least. What if a
down-to-earth lawyer put up a page with lawyer jokes on his site?
Would that make his site unprofessional, or would that help his
customers feel like he would be the type of guy they could really
relate to? Think about it.

5. Create a new “high interest” page by researching a topic that
you have never before identified that would be useful to your
specific buying audience. If you are selling to retail products to
ladies, is there a complimentary product or even an affiliate
product that you could also sell to their daughters.

Example: if you had a Writers Web site of interest to women, could
you offer a special type of fun diary type product that they could
buy for their daughters?

Thank you for these tips Robin. Excellent stuff!

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