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Link Building Tools for Tracking Backlinks

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SEO Tips # 131 – URL Submission in Google ( Q & A)

QUESTION: Should one submit their URLs to the various regional Googles, or will a submission to the global Google automatically put you in the appropriate regionals?

ANSWER: “Just one to the main site will do.” (This tip..straight from Google’s mouth)

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SEO Tips # 130 – Google Fight (Fun)

Have you wondered about which keyword phrase is listed more often
in Google?

At Google Fight, you can type in two competing key phrases and see
which one is listed more often in the Google database. Have fun!

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SEO Tips # 129 – Submit in Google News

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SEO Tips # 116 – Google Dance

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SEO Tips # 69 – Google Page Rank and How big is your site?

Is there any real benefit to Google Page Rank anymore?

Though PageRank isn’t as important as it once was, one benefit of
having a PR of 5 and above is that Google does seems to crawl those
sites on a more frequent basis.

How big is your site getting to be?

If you have more than 200 pages on your site, consider getting an
onsite search engine. Not only will you be making it easy for your
visitors to find what they’re looking for, but the stats you’ll get
with the onsite search engine will be extremely beneficial to you.

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SEO Tips # 58 – Confused about Google Page Rank?

Are you confused about Google Page Rank? Let’s talk about it over
the next couple of days.

Tip: Did you know that Google Page Rank is only one small influence
to relevancy?

Hint: Don’t get obsessed with trying to achieve a high page rank value.
Instead focus on building true visibility. Google PR and actual
visibility in the rankings are not the same thing.

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SEO Tips #31 – Keyword Estimation in Google, Yahoo Search Engines

Have you ever tried

It allows you to type in any keyword phrase and displays the approximate number of searches for your phrase and similar phrases for Google, Yahoo Search and Microsoft Network.

Very quick for finding busy phrases across all 3 search engines.

Plus the price is right – it’s Free!

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SEO SearchCamp 2009 at Chennai, India by Abdul Malick

Here is another experience on SEO SearchCamp 2009 at Tidel Park, Chennai. Search camp is a two day event where the people from search engine marketing space can talk about search engine advertising, including optimization and marketing issues.

The auditorium were mixed up with entrepreneurs, marketing managers, agency based Search Engine Marketers, organic search optimization specialists, web technology professionals, webmasters, web Designers, etc.

In the first day of the camp, they focused on Organic Search, and on day 2, they focused on Paid Search. Following are the broad areas of content that are covered at the Search Camp.

1. Organic SEO

  • Keyword Research
  • On page Optimization
  • Converting SEO Traffic
  • Technical Issues for Developers
  • Copywriting
  • Brand Building
  • Link Building
  • Local Search Tactics

2. Paid Search

  • PPC Keywords & Bids
  • Landing Page strategies
  • Automated Bid Management
  • APIs
  • Tracking Conversions

3. Social Media Marketing

  • Hot Trends
  • Online Reputation Management

4. Web Analytics

5. SEM Careers

Adam Lasnik, working on making mobile products discoverable and accessible at Google, conducted a Q&A session where anyone can shoot out a question at him and he will answer. There were a lot of interesting questions. He gave a lot of useful tips for webmasters and SEO specialists, and cleared webmaster’s doubts that were raised regarding the Google search.

Mr. Abdul Khimani, SEO Project manager with Convonix, handled a session on Keyword Research’. Then he gave a speech on the various Keyword Tools available in Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc and later he moved on to the Google keyword analysis techniques.

The list goes on. There were a lot of experts who came and gave a detailed speech on SEO techniques. It was really useful for all to improve skills in SEO.

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India Search Masters 2009 at Google

This is Abdul Malick, working as a Senior SEO analyst in Agriya Infoway Pvt Ltd. Recently, I was attended the Google India Search Masters Conference 2009 on 28th February at Bangalore, Karnataka, India. It was a excellent opportunity to interact with members of the Indian webmaster community and Google People.

The audiences were mix of webmasters, bloggers, entrepreneurs, online marketers, SEO experts, web developers, etc. and all were excited to register for attending the conference India SearchMasters 2009.

Vivaik Bharadwaaj, Manager of the Search Quality Evaluation team in Google India and Korea, gave the welcome note. Followed by, Adam lansik, along with members of the Search Quality team at Google, lectured on webmaster central and best practices.

Following are the great webmaster resources that were discussed during the various sessions at the Search Conference.

· Webmaster central blog: Find the most current and official Webmaster news.

· Webmaster help forum: Find answers to your search regarding webmasters and web master tools related questions.

· Webmaster help center: Find articles on webmaster guide lines and support from Google.

· Third party sitemap tools: Find collection of site links to tools and code snippets that generate xml and ROR sitemap files.

· Webmaster central on You Tube: Learn the webmaster central channel in YouTube.

· Video tutorial: Find out video tutorials for webmasters.

Adam lansik gave a excellent presentation on google webmaster tools and its resources. Here I have quoted some of the important  points from the presentation that will help in improving website performance in Google

· XML Sitemaps: Webmasters can use XML sitemaps to determine whether their site is currently included in Google’s index. Currently, maximum number of websites that show up on make use of XML sitemaps.

· Remove URLs: Webmasters can tell about pages URL they don’t want in Google index, and they will remove them from their search results.

· Traffic Analysis: Google will show you who’s linking to you and how. In addition, they also provide statistics from which one can know which pages on their site get the most links and which keyword searches drive most traffic?

· Content Analysis: Use Google’s content analysis to identify potential issues with content on your site. Robots.txt allows web publishers to control search engine success at multiple levels.

Koti Ivaturi, from the Search Quality team at Google, gave a brief description on webmaster help forum. It was really one of the interesting sessions.

Rajat Mukherjee, group product manager at Google, who is working on Google Custom Search platform, presented a great speech on Google custom search through which web masters can define their own search engines.

Ankit Gupta who is working on making mobile products discoverable and accessible at Google, as well as providing a consistent and rationalized experience, illustrated about building mobile friendly websites.

And finally, the topics Google analytics and website optimizer were demonstrated by Dinesh jain (A Google Analytics Specialist) / Deepak Kumar (from the Google Analytics team, and works on Google’s Website Optimizer).

Google Web Analytics: Google Analytics is a free service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about visitors to a website. It is very useful in study of keyword research and how much traffic comes from keywords.

Website Optimizer: Website optimizer, which is a Google’s free website testing and optimization tool, allows you to increase the value of your existing website and traffic without spending a cent.

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