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Jobs Opening for Internet Marketing and SEO in Chennai, India

Need Internet Marketing Candidate with 3+ years of experience with the following skillsets.

* Implement best practices of SEO
* Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis
* Setup and Manage PPC campaigns
* Google analytics and other tools
* Conversion Testing and Analysis
* Excellent Communication Skills in written and verbal presentation skills.
* Ability to meet clients
* Good knowledge in content writing
* Understanding of HTML, basic coding standards, CSS and Knowledge of website designing is preferred.
* Up to date knowledge of Search Marketing industry news and trends
* Leveraging Social Media and Viral Marketing for SEO
* Ability to create basic Proposals, Strategy Documents, Website Reviews etc
* WordPress installation and configuration
* Forum installation

Email your resume to

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Jobs opening for Internet Marketing in Chennai, India

Job Title : Internet Marketing

Experience : 1-4 years

Job Description : Infosearch group has a decade experience with over 150 employees. The group has varied business interests which includes international call centre, HR consulting, Web related services and portal management. The opportunity is primarily for our portal management division. The division has ambitious plans of bringing up the portal business to greater heights.

The Job responsibilities would include

* The position requires to perform Internet Marketing activities for our portal management division.
* The ideal candidate should demonstrate best of online promotional activities and constantly update himself with the latest trends in web marketing field.
* The position can offer opportunity to learn new areas and expecting a highly result oriented person.

The following are the prerequisites.

* Any Graduation.
* 1-4 yrs. of Online Marketing experience.
* Excellent Communication
* Knowledge in Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing techniques.

Conatct Person: Deepika
Phone: 044-42925023

Apply Here

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Email Marketing Tips from Aweber

Actually for today’s tip, I to mention something to be aware of if you do much permission based e-mail marketing.

This tip from Justin Premick of

Wouldn’t it be nice if ISPs made unsubscribing easier and more trustworthy for users (at the same time reducing your complaint rate)?

One major ISP is already doing so.

Justin Premick says that Windows Live Hotmail is the first major ISP to implement support for the List-Unsubscribe header. What’s the benefit? By adding a “list-unsubscribe” header to your outgoing email marketing campaigns, you enable ISPs to add an unsubscribe link or button into their user interface.

That way, readers who want to unsubscribe, but who don’t want to be bothered with locating the unsubscribe link in your email, can do so without clicking the “Spam” button in their email clients.

What Do You Need To Do To Use The List-Unsubscribe Header In Your Permission Based Emails?

If you’re an AWeber user, nothing at all – they automatically add this header to your campaigns for you. The less people who hit that Spam button and unsubscribe appropriately, means improved delivery rate for your newsletter.

For more info:

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Internet Success Or Failure… ???

Unfortunately, the majority of people who aim for success on the
Internet often do fail. Failing or failure is in their vocabulary
of self talk. I will explain more in a minute….

Have you ever got to the point where you just feel like giving up
on yourself?

It happens all the time and people just simply end up quitting on
themselves. Never give up learning and growing your skills. When
others try to tell you that you are better to just forget it, that’s
when you need to draw from higher resources.

–You must be willing to commit to your business for the long haul.
–Are you giving yourself the fullest benefit of supporting your own
–And are you REALLY “trying” to improve your skills and knowledge?

Here’s why I ask about it:

Was it Jedi Master Yoda in Star Wars that said:
“Do or do not, there is no try.”

It was an exceptional bit of fantasy entertainment – but the concept
also contains some wonderful wisdom. So many people fail or miss the
mark (just shy of their breakthrough.)

It’s time to take action and gather up your resources and become a
“doer” (not only just a watcher.)

Take action today and remember that a difference in your performance
– is a difference in your profits.

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SEO Tip #25 – SEO and Internet Marketing

SEO and Internet Marketing go together. How much do you know about
converting your traffic once you have it?

Do you think your Web page should sell? And if so, then how?

Genuine Internet marketing is similar to real world marketing, but
you don’t have to coerce people to buy your product. Think about it.
A good marketer will supply a qualified and legitimate demand to the
marketplace no different then the way Webster Dictionary or your
local Mr. Sub Sandwich does.

Only weak salesmen resort to trying to convince people that their
product is a real need or is in demand. Much smarter.

Your Web copy is no different than real life.

This is not SEO but it’s the truth.

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