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SEO Tip #11 – Keyword Research in wordtracker

Here is another tip. This one is not SEO related, but still useful.

Here’s a secret that you need to keep in mind for your keyword research. Did you know that you can use negative qualifiers with Wordtracker?

For example you can REMOVE certain terms from showing up in your list altogether by placing a (-)hyphen or minus sign in front of the word you want to eliminate.

EXAMPLE: You are researching a keyword like “diamond.” In the box you could put the following:
– Neil Diamond
This would eliminate any instance of Neil Diamond from showing up in your diamond related phrases.

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SEO Tip #8 – How important is case sensitivity in Wordtracker research?

Currently the major search engines are not case sensitive at all.
The last search that use to be case sensitive was Alta Vista but
that was years ago. For now, case sensitivity is not TOO important,
but that does not mean things could not change sometime in the

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SEO tip #3 – Keyword Prominence

Prominence is best described as how close to the beginning of a
specific area in which the keyword appears. A keyword or keyword
phrase that appears closer to the top of the page or area may often
be considered mildly more relevant.

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Advanced Keyword tools for Research

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