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SEO Tips # 141 – Keyword Phrase Linking

Look through your Web site to see where you’ve used words that have no power, such as “home.”

Replace those words with “keyword phrase home,” if appropriate. In this manner, you’re using link text (link reputation) in internal linking on your Web site, which is extremely powerful.

Make sure the links are straight text links. If it doesn’t work for you or if it doesn’t sound correct, don’t do it. Remember that your Web site should be written for your target audience.

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SEO Tips #53 – Webpage Header Tags for SEO

Did you know that every page of your Web site stands on its own?

Every page should have a unique title, description, and keyword tag. The description tag should describe ONLY that page.

The keyword tag should include keywords for just that page.

Include 5-6 keywords, including the main keyword phrase and synonyms of that keyword phrase.

Don’t make the mistake of including every keyword that could possibly describe what your site is about in your keyword tag. Make your keyword meta tag specific for each page.

The keyword tag holds very little importance anyway, but be sure to make it page specific. FOCUS!

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SEO Tips #48 – Common Statements

Go through your site and look for common statements like:

Click here for a quote, or Click here for more information.

These are areas where you can include keyword phrases.

For example, Click here for a mortgage loan quote, or Click here for more
graphic arts information. Be sure to make the entire sentence a link, or
at least make the keyword phrase a link.

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SEO tips #43 – Search for your most important keyword phrases

Search for your most important keyword phrases.

Are your rankings “above the fold,” meaning before
you scroll down on the page? If not, work hard on
getting your rankings above the fold.

That’s the most important “real estate” on a Web page.

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SEO Tip #12 – SEO Keyword phrase in your domain

You don’t have to use your keyword phrase in your domain name. That may be a revelation to some folks, but the keyword phrase in your domain name is just one “piece of the SEO pie,” and an insignificant piece at that. There are over 100 pieces of the pie that go into what makes up the ranking of a page.

Adobe is #1 out of 3 billion results for the keyword phrase “click here.” Why? Because of off-page factors, not because “click here” is in their domain name.

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