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SEO Tips # 138 – How to optimize the multiple pages for a different themes?

Did you know that it is possible to effectively optimize multiple pages for a
variety of different “themes” within same Website and gain top rankings for all
of your highly competitive keyword phrases?

The power of “themes” are “page specific” not “site specific.” Themes are not about ”human intelligence” but are about the power of “artificial intelligence.”

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SEO Tips # 123 – Search Engine Ranking Fluctuations

When your search engine rankings fluctuate, or even if your site drops from the rankings, don’t panic. Understand that these things  happen in this industry, and they WILL happen to you.

They happen to all of us.

What you DON’T want to do is make any changes to your Web pages because of fluctuations in the rankings or because your site drops out of the rankings. Step back and wait to see what happens.

Watch the industry. Read the news.

In all likelihood, your pages will reappear right back where they should be (or close to those rankings), if you haven’t done anything wrong (such as using spam). Fluctuations in rankings are normal.

Remember that this year, rankings in the traditional sense will be far less important because of the “personalization of search.”

Far too many people PANIC in the short term, when they would be wiser to just take it easy and not start making changes so quickly. Just a word to the wise!

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SEO Tips #46 – Website Log files analysis

Once you have optimized any page, your log files often tell you how people are finding that page. Not just what keywords they are searching for to get there.

If you discover that people are using specific keyword phrases that you had not originally thought of, it is in your best interest to further explore those keywords.

Hint: More and more, you will discover that there is huge value in knowing how to analyze your log files as opposed to ranking reports the traditional way.

Why is that? Traditional ranking reports may soon become less and less useful as the personalization of search grows in popularity.

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