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40 Useful Tips and Techniques for SEO Traffic and Link Building

Now a days SEO derive more traffic from many sources and keywords in search engines. Here I have listed some useful link building techniques for internet marketing and SEO professionals. I hope it can derive very good traffic for your website and building back links.
Please Do not use this techniques for spamming purpose.

40 Link Building Techniques:

  1. Always put a  signature link in forums that links point to your site.
  2. Post links to lot of  social bookmarking sites.
  3. Commenting the blog and link back to your site
  4. Try to oppose the opinion on everyone or any popular poll. Everyone will argue and link back to you saying you’re wrong.
  5. Use Question and Answering Website
  6. Use Yahoo and Google Groups and interact with a link to your site in your site signature.
  7. Redirect from 404 page into  your homepage
  8. Have an opt-in form
  9. Review and write feedback for product or company
  10. Article Directory Submissions
  11. Press Release submissions
  12. Use PPC advertising
  13. RSS Subscription.
  14. Mailing subscription
  15. Add a bookmark button on your site.
  16. Tell a friend or refer a friend options on your website.
  17. Write your niche, information or anything great and email other blogging professional to let them know – there’s a good chance they’ll link to you.
  18. Blog directory submissions.
  19. RSS feed directories submissions.
  20. Classified ad listing.
  21. Link baiting for link building
  22. Create a profile in more Social networking or community websites
  23. Freebie products listing on your website
  24. Web directories submissions
  25. Create a group on many websites
  26. Make business card with website links
  27. Affiliate marketing
  28. Video sharing submissions.
  29. Guest blog posting.
  30. Traffic pages creation into squidoo, hubpages and etc.,
  31. Use an autoresponder on your mailing list.
  32. Link Exchange with your related website.
  33. Events marketing
  34. Forum posting
  35. Create a email newsletter and sending many others followers
  36. Conduct a survey and publish the results
  37. Purchase PLR Articles for content promotion and marketing
  38. Create short and memorable domain name and link back from many other website
  39. Put your RSS feed syndication into many sites like Zimbio, hubpages and etc.,
  40. Apply to get listed in Google’s News search.
  41. Post a blog or article  about celebrities current events
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SEO Tips #127 – Link Building Search Queries

By Ann Smarty ( Source : Search Engine Journal )

Some tips on how to search effectively for Link Building :

  • keyword sponsors
  • keyword sponsorship
  • keyword sponsor charity
  • keyword benefactors
  • keyword donate
  • keyword donations
  • keyword donors
  • keyword “add url” / “add * url”
  • keyword “add site” / “add * site”
  • keyword “add website” / “add *website”
  • keyword “submit url” / “submit * url”
  • keyword “submit site” / “submit *site”
  • keyword “submit website” / “submit * website”
  • keyword “suggest url” / “suggest * url”
  • keyword “suggest site” / “suggest site”
  • keyword “suggest website” / “suggest * website”
  • keyword “recommended links”
  • keyword “recommended sites”
  • keyword “recommended resources “
  • keyword “favorite links”
  • keyword “favorite sites”
  • keyword bookmarks
  • keyword resources
  • “list * keyword * sites”
  • “add comment” keyword / “add * comment”
  • “post comment” keyword / “post * comment”
  • keyword “leave a comment” / “leave * comment”
  • keyword “no comments”
  • keyword “powered by wordpress”
  • keyword “notify me of follow-up comments”
  • keyword “wiki” (
  • keyword forum / keyword forums
  • keyword discussion boards
  • keyword members
  • keyword join
  • keyword “advertiser testimonials”
  • keyword “related URLs” / “* related URLs”
  • keyword “related sites” / “* related sites”

More options: take advantage of inurl: search operator:

  • inurl:tag / inurl:tags
  • inurl:blog / inurl:blogs
  • inurl:forum / inurl:forums
  • inurl:add-link / inurl:submit-link

Also don’t forget these restricting queries that will help you to narrow search results to whatever you need:

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SEO Tips #105 – Link Building Strategies

Get creative with your link building strategies. If you have a travel
site, what about creating a special area where your clients can post
stories, coloring sheets, and pictures of their recent trip? Don’t you
imagine your clients would then link to the page devoted just to them?
As a bonus, you’re also building valuable content for your site.

That’s just one example of getting creative with link building strategies.
Put your creative mind to work and come up with ideas that will work for
YOUR Web site.

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