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SEO / PPC Expert – Chennai, India:

Designation : SEO Analyst

Job Location : Chennai, India

Experience : 6 to 10 years

Job Description : 

  • Search Engine Optimisation /SEO Specialist.
  • Online/Digital Marketing.
  • Improve current paid campaigns.
  • Marketing, Advertising, MR, PR, Media Planning.
  • Internet / E-commerce.
  • Provide analytic report

Required Job Skills: 

  • 6+ to 10 yrs years of experience in SEO, SEM / PPC, SMO.
  • Must be a graduate/ post-graduate from a reputed institute.
  • Immediate Joiner – Added advantage.
  • Minimum 30 team members should have handled
  • Training/Certifications – SEO/PPC added advantage

 Company Profile:

MDMT Services

My Digital Marketing Team

Contact :

Archana. R
MDMT Services
Siri Towers, No.3 & 4,Fourrts Avenue Annai Indra NagarOkkiyam Thoraipakkam, CHENNAI,Tamilnadu,India – 600097

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Is it wise to buy some text links on high PR Web sites?


Is it wise to buy some text links on high PR Web sites?


Definitely not. I would never purchase a link on someone elses Web site. I advise against buying text links. There are many people who end up paying money for what they think is a “valuable link” never realizing that there are plenty of scams out there that, look like link, behave like a link but are in fact of zero value.

It’s better to focus on building quality links (build them for your visitors) and avoid all manipulations.

If you have a budget to spend money, why not apply it to something that is legitimate Pay Per Click (PPC.) PPC is paid advertising and it can be very complimentary to your SEO work, as long as you monitor your results.

( Source : Abdul Malick SEO Blog )

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Effective Link Building through Social Media Monitoring in SEO

Today online marketing efforts extend beyond with one another. With the accurate coordination, it will be a stroke between search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing begins to haze. Marketing strategy is started out exclusively as a means for improving social media visibility are now transitioning into feasible SEO strategies.

One of my desired analyses of this type of link building is purely through social media monitoring. Social media monitoring is essentially the method of monitoring conversations about your brand and/or product(s) across social communities. This can sort from tweets to blog posts to mentions in information articles. The point is, if someone is discussing about you r post or products – you want to know about it.

If you reveal a targeted keyword for seo to build a new link opportunity, Think twice it doesn’t stand it out for you? In addition to tracking brand and product mentions, you can use your preferred social media monitoring tool as a robotic link researching tool.

Here are few ways to take benefit of social media monitoring for SEO.

Keywords you’re targeting: The idea is if someone writes a blog post about a keyword you’re annoying to rank for, it could be an enormous opportunity for you to attain out to them and induce them to add a link to your website in the post or to permit you to guest post for them. It’s also a great way to comprehend popular communities in your industry like forums that we are interrelate daily – and including links in your posts wherever relevant. These opportunities are endless, particularly considering how many keywords you’re possibly interested in ranking for.

Keeping an eye on your competitors: Wherever your competitors building links and participating? Have a look on it. This is an immense opportunity for you see where they are focusing their link building efforts so you can also join in those areas. It’s also an immense way to keep tabs on what anchor text they are focusing on so you can recognize what keywords they are targeting. You just mind a little that you hadn’t targeting in the first place.

Identifying industry establishment: Identify the key influencers in your industry and assist them to write and discuss about your company products & services, it can be a dream come true for your SEO. With presently a few simple reviews on their blog or even immediately through their Twitter stream, you’ll initiate to see more organic reviews screening up that didn’t necessitate any effort on your part.

Pals share your thought on social media monitoring for SEO?

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SEO Tips # 141 – Keyword Phrase Linking

Look through your Web site to see where you’ve used words that have no power, such as “home.”

Replace those words with “keyword phrase home,” if appropriate. In this manner, you’re using link text (link reputation) in internal linking on your Web site, which is extremely powerful.

Make sure the links are straight text links. If it doesn’t work for you or if it doesn’t sound correct, don’t do it. Remember that your Web site should be written for your target audience.

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Link Building Tools for Tracking Backlinks

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SEO Tips # 110 – Link Text for SEO

Are you using link text that contains your keyword phrase on each Web page?
In other words, if your Web page is optimized for “English Bulldog puppies,”
are you using English Bulldog puppies as link text somewhere on the page?

What could you be linking to?

-An additional page on your Web site with more information about English Bulldog
-A product page where you’re selling English Bulldog items;
-A page containing pictures of English Bulldog puppies;
-Yes, you could be linking to another site, but only if you want to
send your customers to another Web site.

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SEO Tips # 93

Create a content rich, informational site which is loaded with quality articles, tips, free advice, and tutorials, and keep your options to buy a product very subtle. The number one reason most people go online is to look up information, so the key is to discover high-demand topics for a niche audience and give your audience exactly what they are searching for first. Satisfy their search first and then offer them the option to buy.

When working on your content remember to “flesh it out” in the re-write process with a few additional synonyms of your focused keyword phrase. You want your article highly focused on your topic, but it should not sound Spamy with the same keywords repeatedly used in an un-natural way. Google loves to see synonyms and antonyms and descriptive related text used in your copy so that your content reads well to a human being.

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SEO Tips # 92 – Anchor Text and Linking

Remember to use supporting words, synonyms, and surrounding text when linking between pages. Allow for at least a 20% topic drift and avoid use the exact same link text (anchor text) to link between all of your pages and Web sites.

Avoid building up link reputation that looks unnatural or contrived. If you’re a writer, swap up your bio as well. After all, don’t you want to be found under a variety of different keyword phrases that are important to your business.

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SEO Tips # 91- Website Contents and Links

Who is your “target audience”? When you write your Web site content, who are you focusing it on?

Have the search engines ever purchased anything from you? Forget the search engines! Focus on your customers! When you write content, write valuable content focused on your customers. Focus on one topic (keyword phrase) only. Your keyword-containing tags should include that one topic (keyword phrase) only. Everything on the page should be focused on that one topic. Prove to the search engine that your page is about that topic. The page will then be very relevant for the topic. But it be valuable for the customers.

Don’t ever create a page just for the search engines. The search engines aren’t and probably won’t ever be your customers. Keep your true customers in mind, and give THEM true value throughout your site and in your content.

Don’t ever give the search engines just one way to find your pages. Put links to new pages on your site map. If there’s a corresponding page on your site that you can use to link to the new page, do so. Mention the new page on your blog. Do you have a directory associated with the particular topic dealing with the content of this new page? Add a link on that page. Just make sure that you give the search engines several ways to find the new pages.

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SEO Tips # 83 – Link Popularity in SEO

Reminder: Link popularity is “page specific,” NOT “site specific.”

Which of your important interior pages could use some assistance?
Obviously NOT your “privacy policy” or probably not your “about us” page…

But take stock and choose any 3 of your “most important” pages today and
set a plan to specifically work on increasing some natural link popularity,
directly to those pages individually. Part of some people’s trouble (when it
comes to linking,) is that they become overwhelmed. The job seems too massive
when really, it’s not. Just a little plan and a little consistent effort even
once a week, can carry you an ENOURMOUS distance! What’s your plan?
Start by choosing just 3 of your “most important” pages today.

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