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SEO tips # 142 – Page Rank

Did you know that a page with a high PageRank can be out ranked in the SERPs by a page with a lower PageRank? Remember that.

PageRank isn’t the “end all” in SEO.
It’s only one piece of the pie.

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SEO Tips # 69 – Google Page Rank and How big is your site?

Is there any real benefit to Google Page Rank anymore?

Though PageRank isn’t as important as it once was, one benefit of
having a PR of 5 and above is that Google does seems to crawl those
sites on a more frequent basis.

How big is your site getting to be?

If you have more than 200 pages on your site, consider getting an
onsite search engine. Not only will you be making it easy for your
visitors to find what they’re looking for, but the stats you’ll get
with the onsite search engine will be extremely beneficial to you.

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SEO Tips # 62 – Press Release Roles in SEO

Remember SEO principles apply to Press Releases too plus you have he added advantage some increased PR and legitimate link reputation.

Make sure and use your important keywords in your link text because when a press release is picked up by multiple publishers or media outlets, remember that it is news.

Many people forget that news is 100% legitimate white hat, because the search engines understand “news” is meant to be syndicated. The additional link reputation can be beneficial if your press release is carried in huge publications like Forbes or perhaps AOL Money & Finance.

Your goal with media releases is not JUST link reputation though. You also need to write a newsworthy story that will be picked up by major publications. If you don’t get your story picked up, you will missing on some huge natural traffic spikes.

Another Tips : Try using the highlighter option in the Google Toolbar to highlight your exact keyword phrase and it will visibly display how you have used your phrase on the page at a glance.

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SEO Tips # 58 – Confused about Google Page Rank?

Are you confused about Google Page Rank? Let’s talk about it over
the next couple of days.

Tip: Did you know that Google Page Rank is only one small influence
to relevancy?

Hint: Don’t get obsessed with trying to achieve a high page rank value.
Instead focus on building true visibility. Google PR and actual
visibility in the rankings are not the same thing.

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