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SEO Tips # 152 – Search Engine Robots

The newer, inexperienced SEO tends to always try and “rush” their optimization efforts. I often see where new students want to continually “tweak their code” far too often, not allowing adequate time for robots to visit.

Best practice is to let the search engine robots run on their own schedule. If you want to make important changes, allow plenty of time in between to ensure the robots are finding the pages. But most importantly, you want to learn more from each change you make. You want to understand more, with each exercise.

Not every bit of optimization work will be measured, BUT when it comes to “trouble shooting,” it’s absolutely important that you measure your changes and post them to your log for review, at a later date. This way, if you error in any way, it can usually be undone fairly easily.

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SEO Tips # 86 – Comment tags and Robots.txt

Tip # 1:

Don’t stuff keywords in comment tags. Use comment tags in the manner in which the tag was designed to be used — to place comments about the page itself. Don’t put keywords in comment tags at all.

Tip # 2 :

Have you ever felt like you were running low on ideas in Wordtracker?

Try using the tool to look up multiple new synonyms which you can explore further in Wordtracker.

Tip # 3:

Place a robots.txt file on every domain. The first thing a spider looks for when it hits your Web site is a robots.txt file. If it’s looking for that file, put it on your site! Robot Manager Pro is an excellent tool for creating robots.txt files as well as monitoring spider traffic

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SEO Tips # 78 – SEO Analysis and Performance

In all of our efforts to write well for the robots, we must remember to also write well for the human brain. Remember that the human brain likes the
appropriate use of color. The human brain likes text broken down into manageable chunks or clusters that are easy to read and absorb. Write your copy using all of the important SEO principles but be sure to strike a balance.

With practice, you can build pages that are content rich and compelling to read. You can create projects that are pleasing to look at and still score exceptionally well in the rankings.

Another Tip,

Make sure your top scoring high performance pages include a call to action.
This is not difficult or time consuming, but it can make a real difference in
getting results. You can easily provide a visitor with some sort of reason to
take action now.

Did you ever want to check 2 different pages to see how similar
they are? Remember, search engines don’t like duplicate content.

Try this tool:

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SEO Tips #37 – Robots.txt file setup

Do you have a robots.txt file set up on your server? Here’s what Google says in their Webmaster Guidelines:

-Make use of the robots.txt file on your web server. This file tells crawlers which directories can or cannot be crawled. Make sure it’s current for your site so that you don’t accidentally block the Googlebot crawler.

Visit to learn how to instruct robots when they visit your site.

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SEO tip #4 – Website Manager program

Did you know about a the Website Manager program by Michael
Lange, creator of Robot Manager?

You try can check out all of the features or download
a free trial here:

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