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SEO Tips # 74 – Content Writing

Write customer focused content that appeals to your audience.

Remember that your Web site should be focused on your audience first and
appeal specifically to a niche interest. When writing your Web copy, you
need to dialogue in an appropriate tone and format for the right audience.

Some of the most interesting content will have more appeal if it speaks to
your audience in terms like: you can, you might, you will, yours, your and
you’re INSTEAD of we, ours, we’re, we will, we can, etc.

This is extremely important when working on sales related copy.

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SEO Tips #49 – Focus to hight quality contents

Focus is to always create high quality, useful content that will please visitors. But your title needs to be compelling and it needs to read well and it should make sense to the reader.

By now we all know the benefit of including a researched keyword phrase in your Title. However, you can also improve your clickthrough ratio with 1 or 2 other elements in the Title too. I say use these, sometimes because you may only want to do this when it makes sense, but it does work if you do it well.

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SEO Tips #41- Grammar does make a difference in your SEO work

Grammar does make a difference in your SEO work. It does make an even greater difference in your conversions.

From the search engine’s “point of understanding” it matters. And yes, many search engines to have a sense of understanding in a form of intelligence (which is artificial intelligence or AI.)

Some search engines like Google have been able to “understand” the context of a message for some time now. Writing a better quality of content will help you much more…

“then if ya right very week copy ful of speling errors and porly strucured sentances.”

or how bout…

“Why don’t you throw your Father down the stairs his hat when he asks for it?”

Also Grammar can impact Conversions….

Where grammar makes a difference to conversions is in sales letters or where you are trying build credibility for a product. It matters to the engines and it matters to your customers. Using poor grammar may cost you more than you realize.

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SEO Tip #13 – Article Marketing

Here’s a tip if you are looking for easy ways to build descriptive link reputation, gain new visitors and traffic that is 100% white hat.

Article Marketing

Article Marketing the correct way it should be done, has huge advantages
over other types of link building because it has full benefit of being seen as 100% white hat, which it is anyways.

Have you ever heard some marketer tell you that articles are  “duplicate content?”

Articles are NOT duplicate content and the next time someone suggests to you that they are, ask them why Yahoo and Google would have a Creative Commons area where they encourage you to publish other peoples work. Search Engines understand that articles (similar to news) is meant to be syndicated.

So where do your links go? Usually the best place is in the Bio which is a few sentences at the end of the article.

Here is an excellent place to get started: (It’s free)

Just sign up and you can be writing to a huge audience of business  entrepreneurs. The more you write, the higher you will rank and remember to use your all important keyword text within your bio links.

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