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SEO Tips # 102 – Piece of SEO Pie

You don’t have to use your keyword phrase in your domain name. That may be a revelation to some folks, but the keyword phrase in your domain name is just one “piece of the SEO pie,” and an insignificant piece at that. There are over 100 pieces of the pie that go into what makes up the ranking of a page. Adobe is #1 out of 3 billion results for the keyword phrase “click here.” Why? Because of off-page factors, not because “click here” is in their domain name.

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SEO Tips # 80 – Industry relevant Keyword Research

When doing keyword research, do you often see short, meaningless looking
acronyms in your lists? People often search with jargon or short forms
that may be specific to their industry.

Try using the tool to unscramble the
correct industry-related meaning.

EXAMPLE: Try entering the term: SEO
You might be surprised at how many different phrases this term relates to out side of Search Engine Optimization.

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SEO Tips #47 – SEO keyword Phrase importance

Search for your most important keyword phrases. Look at your competitors’ titles and descriptions. How do yours compare with theirs?

Make sure your titles and descriptions are more compelling and designed to grab the visitors’ attention immediately. Ask for several people’s opinion on this — your opinion may be too biased.

If you’re just listing keywords in your title and description versus a compelling title and description, rewrite your tags immediately.

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