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Google and SEO Ranking Factors (Infographic)

Google SEO Ranking Factors (Infographic) from SEJ :

I came across one info-graphic from Search engine journal blog which is describe in very detailed for Google Ranking factors. They are listed 200 ranking factors which is help for SEO improvement on site. Every website should follow these factors and get ranked well as per Google terms. I hope this Google 200 ranking factors are very helpful for digital marketing and SEO professionals.

Here some SEO Ranking factors are listed below from that info-graphic,

1. Domain Factors

2. Page Level Factors

3. Site Level Factors

4. Back-link Factors

5. User Interactions

6. Special Algorithm Rules

7.Social Signals

8. Brand Signals

9. Onsite Webspam Factors

10. Off-page Webspam factors

Google Ranking Factors

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SEO Tips #46 – Website Log files analysis

Once you have optimized any page, your log files often tell you how people are finding that page. Not just what keywords they are searching for to get there.

If you discover that people are using specific keyword phrases that you had not originally thought of, it is in your best interest to further explore those keywords.

Hint: More and more, you will discover that there is huge value in knowing how to analyze your log files as opposed to ranking reports the traditional way.

Why is that? Traditional ranking reports may soon become less and less useful as the personalization of search grows in popularity.

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