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SEO Tips #111 – SEO Keyword Tags

Look closely at the <head> section of your Web page.  The subject, author, copyright, and publisher tags are NOT meant  to be used as places to stuff keywords. This is called spam.
Never put keywords into these tags in an attempt to influence ranking. You are better to get rid of the tags altogether.

They’re not needed on your pages, (even if you’re using them correctly.)

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SEO Tip #6 – How fast do your pages load?

How fast do your pages load? Did you know that if your page loads too slow, you could be determining some search engine robots from crawling your Web site? Try and ensure your page loads within under 30 seconds (or even faster.)

If your graphics are too bulky, check out a service called to accelerate your page loading speed.

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SEO Tip #1 – Underscore vs Hyphen in URL structure

When naming a page after a keyword phrase, is there any more
“SEO benefit” to using a hyphen (-) to connect two words than
an underscore (_) in Google.

Example: SEO-tips.html is better than

Example: SEO_tips.html

They have equal value in Google now. There was a time when it was
better to use hyphens. But this is not the case as of recent.

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