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SEO Tip #27 – SEO Title tag to attract visitors

Another tip on freshening up some of your Title Tags. Think about
this one. Is there a place you could lift a testimonial to the Title?

These usually are focused on improved results.

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You may generate more response because you put a benefit right
up into the search results. Once again, this is more about gaining
clicks than SEO alone.

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SEO Tip #14 – Building trust with logos and testimonials

For today’s SEO Tip it’s back to some important reminders about

Building trust with logos:
Remember that your visitors like to see the VeriSign (or other SSL
certificates) and Credit Card logos on a sales page. It invokes
a sense of trust and security.

A good place to put these logos is near the order button.

Use of testimonials (consider audio and video too):
Using a Courier New Font – creates a testimonial with a font type
that looks and feels nearly like a letter that someone typed out in
a typewriter to you. is a service that comes complete with an
audio streaming service plus a Toll free 1-800 testimonial line on
which you can get your customers to leave their comments

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