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SEO Tips # 126 – Don’t ever create a page just for the search engines

Who is YOUR “ideal buying audience?” When you write your Web site
content, who are you focusing it on?

Do you you have one type of customer you prefer to do business with
over another?

Don’t ever create a page just for the search engines. The search
engines aren’t and probably won’t ever be your customers. Keep your
true customers in mind, and give THEM true value throughout your site
and in your content.

Unique, original, high quality and truly engaging content that meets
the searcher’s original query. That’s the high road to long term

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SEO Tips # 112 – SEO Ideas

Don’t put make the mistake that some people do with the attitude of “throwing everything against the wall” to see what sticks. Use every element of your page for the purpose in which it was designed to be used.

For this year, it will be those who put some heart into their SEO work that will experience much longer sustainable top visibility.

If you are still trying to measure a pages success through traditional ranking reports, this will be the year that will change many of the old traditional ideas. Watch and see.

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SEO Tips # 108 – Article Writing and Marketing

Chances are, if you have ever done any article marketing you already know the power of submitting a well written article to a niche or very topic focused directory geared to a specific purpose.

For example, one of my personal favorites is that of Evan Carmichael’s site which is focused specifically on the area of business entrepreneurs. This site attracts people that are interested in all types of business. I’ve talked before about how much traffic and link benefit you can gain from articles.

But here is something you maybe did NOT know…because it has not  gone out to the public yet.

Evan, is getting ready to take on more new authors and now has opportunities for you to become an author too.

But here is what else is new:

A brand new updated Authors Dashboard

— When you grab your free account and log in, you can now see various tabs across the top called “Dashboard”, “Analytics”, “Marketing”, and “Help/FAQ” – Each page contains the resources that you need to help you succeed.

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SEO Tips # 106 – Penalities for Using Hidden Text?

Are you aware of the penalties for using hidden text? This out dated technique is Spam. Never try to add keywords or text to a page, in the same color font as the exact background color, thus making text appear hidden.

Spam Alert: Don’t EVER use hidden text, hidden links or hidden “anything” on a page unless you want to risk setting off some warning flags and risk getting in trouble.

Special Tip: Be sure to use care with text color inside of a table too.
Example: If your background is a white page and you are using a table filled with dark Navy Blue (for example.) Be careful not to use a white colored font text. Although the text is not hidden, you could still accidentally set off some flags by using a white text with a white background (regardless of the fact that the table is blue.

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SEO Tips #105 – Link Building Strategies

Get creative with your link building strategies. If you have a travel
site, what about creating a special area where your clients can post
stories, coloring sheets, and pictures of their recent trip? Don’t you
imagine your clients would then link to the page devoted just to them?
As a bonus, you’re also building valuable content for your site.

That’s just one example of getting creative with link building strategies.
Put your creative mind to work and come up with ideas that will work for
YOUR Web site.

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SEO Tips # 102 – Piece of SEO Pie

You don’t have to use your keyword phrase in your domain name. That may be a revelation to some folks, but the keyword phrase in your domain name is just one “piece of the SEO pie,” and an insignificant piece at that. There are over 100 pieces of the pie that go into what makes up the ranking of a page. Adobe is #1 out of 3 billion results for the keyword phrase “click here.” Why? Because of off-page factors, not because “click here” is in their domain name.

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SEO Tips # 100 – (Bonus) 5 Tips in One Place.

Tips # 1 :

Include your most important keyword phrase in both your title and description tags ONE time. Your title tag should be around 8-10 words long, or shorter (Maximum of 75 characters, including spaces). Your description tag should be no more than a maximum of 150 characters, including spaces.

Tips # 2 :

Don’t capitalize the first letter of every word in the title or description, unless they’re proper nouns. The title and description should be very easy to read and just roll off your tongue.

Tips # 3 :

Did you know that for a very reasonable price, you can purchase the top 20,000 busiest keywords from Wordtracker all within a single report? Great value:

Tips # 4 :

Read all of your content, including titles and descriptions, out loud. If you stumble over words, so will your audience.

Rewrite until everything reads smoothly.

Tips # 5 :

Your title and description should be considered an “ad campaign” for your Web site, because that’s just what they are. Your page may be #4 in the rankings, but if you’ve taken time to create captivating title and description tags, you may have just as many click throughs as the #1 or #2 spots who haven’t done their homework.

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SEO tips # 99 – SEO Content Writing

When you are thinking about what type of content to write for new promotional strategies, always remember that the traffic is not the
whole solution.

You must also convert your visitors to buyers. Always watch for ways
to work with “emotional content”  since most people make their “buying decisions” when they are in an emotional state.

Your promotions need to make the visitor FEEL good. Consider at times
where the use of humour might be incorporated or perhaps the warm fuzzy
feelings produced by the tone of your writing. This is a secret that
traditional advertisers have been using for years successfully.

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SEO Tips # 96 – Google Hilighter for Keywords

One quick and easy way to see how you are using your keyword phrase “visually” at a glance, is to enter your main keyword phrase into Google’s tool bar and turn on the “hilighter” option. This highlights every instance of your phrase as it is being used on the page. You can glance at it briefly and visually spot where ever you may be over-using any keyword.

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SEO Tips # 95

Tips # 1:

If you use drop-down menus on your pages, be sure to include actual HTML links to your interior pages as well. If you rely on your drop-down menus to direct the spiders to other pages on your site, you may be very disappointed when the pages aren’t indexed.

Tips # 2 :

Do you know the difference between Wordtracker’s top 1000 short term
report and their top 1000 long term report.

The Long term report shows the busiest keywords in the last 90 days.
The Short term report shows the busiest keywords in the last 24 hours.

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