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SEO tips # 99 – SEO Content Writing

When you are thinking about what type of content to write for new promotional strategies, always remember that the traffic is not the
whole solution.

You must also convert your visitors to buyers. Always watch for ways
to work with “emotional content”  since most people make their “buying decisions” when they are in an emotional state.

Your promotions need to make the visitor FEEL good. Consider at times
where the use of humour might be incorporated or perhaps the warm fuzzy
feelings produced by the tone of your writing. This is a secret that
traditional advertisers have been using for years successfully.

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SEO Tips # 96 – Google Hilighter for Keywords

One quick and easy way to see how you are using your keyword phrase “visually” at a glance, is to enter your main keyword phrase into Google’s tool bar and turn on the “hilighter” option. This highlights every instance of your phrase as it is being used on the page. You can glance at it briefly and visually spot where ever you may be over-using any keyword.

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SEO Tips # 95

Tips # 1:

If you use drop-down menus on your pages, be sure to include actual HTML links to your interior pages as well. If you rely on your drop-down menus to direct the spiders to other pages on your site, you may be very disappointed when the pages aren’t indexed.

Tips # 2 :

Do you know the difference between Wordtracker’s top 1000 short term
report and their top 1000 long term report.

The Long term report shows the busiest keywords in the last 90 days.
The Short term report shows the busiest keywords in the last 24 hours.

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SEO Tips # 94 – SEO Performance

Performing SEO the way you currently perform now, has delivered a certain result. So if your happy with that result, carry on exactly the same way and you should get very similar results. If you are not happy with your results lately, then you must consider changing the way you do things.

Same action = same result
Different action = new results

Are you looking for new results?

It always amazes me how many months or even years some people will wait only to wonder about some possibly brilliant idea they have, without ever taking action and testing it out. Be sure to test all of your ideas out and don’t wait around like some people do. It’s time to turn your ideas into action.

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SEO Tips # 93

Create a content rich, informational site which is loaded with quality articles, tips, free advice, and tutorials, and keep your options to buy a product very subtle. The number one reason most people go online is to look up information, so the key is to discover high-demand topics for a niche audience and give your audience exactly what they are searching for first. Satisfy their search first and then offer them the option to buy.

When working on your content remember to “flesh it out” in the re-write process with a few additional synonyms of your focused keyword phrase. You want your article highly focused on your topic, but it should not sound Spamy with the same keywords repeatedly used in an un-natural way. Google loves to see synonyms and antonyms and descriptive related text used in your copy so that your content reads well to a human being.

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SEO Tips # 91- Website Contents and Links

Who is your “target audience”? When you write your Web site content, who are you focusing it on?

Have the search engines ever purchased anything from you? Forget the search engines! Focus on your customers! When you write content, write valuable content focused on your customers. Focus on one topic (keyword phrase) only. Your keyword-containing tags should include that one topic (keyword phrase) only. Everything on the page should be focused on that one topic. Prove to the search engine that your page is about that topic. The page will then be very relevant for the topic. But it be valuable for the customers.

Don’t ever create a page just for the search engines. The search engines aren’t and probably won’t ever be your customers. Keep your true customers in mind, and give THEM true value throughout your site and in your content.

Don’t ever give the search engines just one way to find your pages. Put links to new pages on your site map. If there’s a corresponding page on your site that you can use to link to the new page, do so. Mention the new page on your blog. Do you have a directory associated with the particular topic dealing with the content of this new page? Add a link on that page. Just make sure that you give the search engines several ways to find the new pages.

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SEO Tips # 90 – Writing the Content

If you write your content so that it naturally “reads very well,” you will naturally earn some bonus for having created quality content.

That I mean content…that reads well to a human being.

Use moderation in everything you do. One of the things you need to understand is that “theme based” search engines like Google, are actually using a measure of artificial intelligence (AI) to measure how well your article “reads” based on the context of your page and all of the overall data that a search engine has gathered concerning a specific topic.

Artificial intelligence better known as LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing is all about how well the the supporting content and text (other than the keyword phrase) matches the theme of your page. The better your content reads to a human being, the better you will tend to do. This is a natural bonus for people who invest their time in creating well- written, useful content that engages the visitor and satisfies the reason why they searched in the first place.

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