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SEO Tips # 82 – Image Alt Tags and Sitemap

Tip # 1 :

Do NOT stuff keywords into your image Alt tag. Use the Alt tag only for describing what the image is. Keywords in the Alt tag do NOT influence relevency at all. It is important to use every tag for the purpose it was meant to be used.

Tip # 2 :

Include a link to your site map on every page of your Web site. Many search engine robots look for your sitemap in order to crawl the entire Web site. If you include a link to your sitemap on each page, you are giving the robots easy access to crawl your entire Web site, regardless of which page they come in on.

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SEO Tips # 79 – Important Tips other than SEO

Tip # 1 :

Have you revisited your various products’ sales pages and thought about beefing up the emphasis in your sales copy on the “benefits.” A little change in dialogue can go a long way. Test your ideas and learn what works most effectively for you.

Sometimes it’s the tiniest changes in text that make the biggest difference.

Tip  # 2 :

Never use lightning fast redirects. If you must use a redirect set it for at least
a 10-second pause.

Tip # 3 :

Converting visitors to customers may not always be in the forefront of our minds as an SEO (we’re always so busy thinking traffic), but once you start examining methods to convert your client’s visitors to customers, you’ll start to deliver additional value to your clients and you’ll find a full consultancy approach does not go unrewarded.

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