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SEO Tips # 155 – Redesign of WebSite

If you are considering a re-design of your Web site…Don’t just think about the new colors and graphics and layout, but also be aware of how the new page structure will impact your search rankings, bookmarks, and inbound links.

There are many ways to overcome problems, and the goal is to plan for any problems in advance.

Another Bonus Tips :

FACT: Did you know that using your keyword phrase in heading text is still influential? Of course you did. But did you also know that there is no difference between the relevancy influence in H1 H2 H3 H4 and H5?

Tip: Don’t over-use the H1 heading tag.

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SEO Tips # 154 – Single Access Page

Single access pages

Which pages are being viewed by themselves, where visitors aren’t even clicking to go to another page? Again, look at these pages carefully to see what you can provide on the page to keep up the interest of your visitors. You’re losing them, and you need to figure out why.

If 70-80% of your visitors only looked at one page, perhaps you need to look at your navigation system. Are visitors confused and unable to find what they’re looking for?

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SEO Tips # 151 – Web Page Optimization

Have you got a few pages that still need some help? I’m talking about pages you’ve been working on, but they’ve just been giving you a few challenges in the rankings for some reason or other and you’re not happy with them.

Why not look back and review the last changes you made on them and make one more single variation in just one of the influential relevancy factors? Don’t make too many changes – try to just make one important change only. Be sure to record it in your log as well as record the rankings with the date of your entry.

Do NOT submit or re-submit your page using any free ADD URL. But let the robots come back and find the changes (based on their own schedule.) If you are not sure how often the robot is coming back to visit, you can use Robot Manager to find out.

TIP: Little changes (one at a time only) can make a HUGE difference in a measured exercise where you record your details and review progress systematically.

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SEO Tips # 149 – Are you continually looking for new types of content to add to your Web site?

Are you continually looking for new types of content to add to your Web site?

One type of content to consider adding is “statistical data.” What is useful or of high interest to your target audience? If the stats aren’t your own, always indicate where you’re getting them. It’s important to quote your source.

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SEO Tips # 115 – Include Sitemap

Without following every single link on your site, how can you be sure that your
pages are simply not found by the search engines? It’s a good idea to include a
link to your sitemap on each new high performance page you create.

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SEO Tips # 79 – Important Tips other than SEO

Tip # 1 :

Have you revisited your various products’ sales pages and thought about beefing up the emphasis in your sales copy on the “benefits.” A little change in dialogue can go a long way. Test your ideas and learn what works most effectively for you.

Sometimes it’s the tiniest changes in text that make the biggest difference.

Tip  # 2 :

Never use lightning fast redirects. If you must use a redirect set it for at least
a 10-second pause.

Tip # 3 :

Converting visitors to customers may not always be in the forefront of our minds as an SEO (we’re always so busy thinking traffic), but once you start examining methods to convert your client’s visitors to customers, you’ll start to deliver additional value to your clients and you’ll find a full consultancy approach does not go unrewarded.

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