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SEO Tips # 95

Tips # 1:

If you use drop-down menus on your pages, be sure to include actual HTML links to your interior pages as well. If you rely on your drop-down menus to direct the spiders to other pages on your site, you may be very disappointed when the pages aren’t indexed.

Tips # 2 :

Do you know the difference between Wordtracker’s top 1000 short term
report and their top 1000 long term report.

The Long term report shows the busiest keywords in the last 90 days.
The Short term report shows the busiest keywords in the last 24 hours.

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SEO Tips #60 – Page Rank Relevancy?

Did you know that it is possible to rank visibly higher in the search engines
with a PR of 5 than it is with a PR of 8?

It’s true! Don’t obsesse over Page Rank. Focus on building true relevancy.

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SEO Tips #56 – SEO Importance for Contents

In your last or current project, are you creating content that your visitor will be GLAD that they found? It’s good to examine our own work from time to time. Give it some thought and be brutally honest with yourself.

Are you creating that immediately assists in filling a specific search for information.

-Content of true merit.
-Something useful.
-Content that you can feel proud you created.
-Something helpful.
-Content of a nature that is so helpful, others may even want to
link to it or Blog about it?

Never get tired of exploring new ways to add value to your work and in the future, you’ll notice that much of the junky pages that are thrown together by Spammers in a rush, will simply no longer be able to compete. Not in value, not in ranking and not in productivity.

But the content you create shall stand the test of relevancy for many years.

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SEO Tips #54 – SEO Focus on keywords and link buildings

For link text coming into your Web site, try and focus on you your researched
phrase 80% of the time and allow for variance of synonyms about 20 % of the

Many times, people only focus on building links to their home page. Don’t forget
to deep link to valuable content within your site too.

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SEO Tips #48 – Common Statements

Go through your site and look for common statements like:

Click here for a quote, or Click here for more information.

These are areas where you can include keyword phrases.

For example, Click here for a mortgage loan quote, or Click here for more
graphic arts information. Be sure to make the entire sentence a link, or
at least make the keyword phrase a link.

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SEO Tips #44 – Free Web Page Analyzer

Here is a free Web page analyzer to test exactly how fast your
page is at various speeds. This tip comes from Martin Preece whom
you may know from our online instructional chats.

Thank you Martin, it works very nicely.

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SEO Tips #42 – Tips for New Twitter

The first 3 things to do if you’re new to Twitter are:

1. Upload your author photo. Profiles without photos are lame.
2. Upload your 140 character author bio.
3. Engage & become involved in the conversation that is Twitter.

This is the fastest way to attract Followers to your Twitter profile.

Now every time you submit a new article and it gets published, your
followers will be auto-updated on Twitter.

OTHER GREAT Article Resources: (if you enjoy writing your own
original content)

Http:// is very good for traffic.

Even if you are not using Twitter right now, I highly recommend
all of these busy article marketing directories. If you already
have articles published on then
Here is the simple “How To Get Started” instructions.

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SEO Tips #37 – Robots.txt file setup

Do you have a robots.txt file set up on your server? Here’s what Google says in their Webmaster Guidelines:

-Make use of the robots.txt file on your web server. This file tells crawlers which directories can or cannot be crawled. Make sure it’s current for your site so that you don’t accidentally block the Googlebot crawler.

Visit to learn how to instruct robots when they visit your site.

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