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SEO Tips # 152 – Search Engine Robots

The newer, inexperienced SEO tends to always try and “rush” their optimization efforts. I often see where new students want to continually “tweak their code” far too often, not allowing adequate time for robots to visit.

Best practice is to let the search engine robots run on their own schedule. If you want to make important changes, allow plenty of time in between to ensure the robots are finding the pages. But most importantly, you want to learn more from each change you make. You want to understand more, with each exercise.

Not every bit of optimization work will be measured, BUT when it comes to “trouble shooting,” it’s absolutely important that you measure your changes and post them to your log for review, at a later date. This way, if you error in any way, it can usually be undone fairly easily.

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SEO Tips #31 – Keyword Estimation in Google, Yahoo Search Engines

Have you ever tried

It allows you to type in any keyword phrase and displays the approximate number of searches for your phrase and similar phrases for Google, Yahoo Search and Microsoft Network.

Very quick for finding busy phrases across all 3 search engines.

Plus the price is right – it’s Free!

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