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Google Maps Contest – Mapathon 2013 in India

Mapathon 2013 Contest from Google Map Maker:

The Google Map contest – Mapathon 2013 is designed by Google map maker to encourage users to map their neighborhoods and places within India.

  • The Google Mapathon 2013 contest is open to just about anybody who lives in India
  • Contest Dates: Feb 12th ‑ March 25th
  • Only edits made in India count
  • The top 1000 contestants by number of published edits will receive cool prizes

Google Maps – Mapathon 2013 Prizes : 

Following prizes will be awarded to the winners:

  1. Top 10 winners will each win Samsung Galaxy Note 800 or a tablet approximately worth INR 36000 /-
  2. Next 40 winners will each win Samsung Smart Phone I-9100 Galaxy S2 or an Android phone approximately worth INR 24000 /-
  3. Next 50 winners will each win FlipKart Gift Coupons worth INR 5000 /
  4. All above 100 winners will also be entitled to a T-shirt and Certificate of Participation from Google.
  5. There will also be another 900 T-shirts and Certificate of Participation to be won from Google for the subsequent maximum number of approved edits/ data submitted
  6. 300 special Contest Promotion T-shirts (50 T-shirts to be won every week by Raffle’s winners during the Contest period).

Key Dates for this Google Mapathon contest 2013, 

  • Registration opens: 5th February 2013
  • Contest starts: 12th Febrauary 2013
  • Contest ends: 25th March 2013
  • Announcement of Winners: 23rd July 2013

For More information about this contest –


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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013

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Google Instant Previews – How to Make good Use

Recently,  Google  launched a new search feature Instant Previews that helps search user find information faster by showing a visual preview of each result.

Before that users determine the best results using the elements of the search results like the title, URL, and description in each result. Now, this instant preview feature find the best results by seeing the visual presentation.

Google Instant Previews

Google Instant Previews – Benefits

  • Quickly Compare Results
  • Pinpoint Relevant Content
  • Interact with the Results Page

How to make good use of  this feature:

  • Keep your pages clearly laid out and structured
  • Try to avoid interstitial pages, ad pop-ups, or other elements
  • Many pages have their previews generated as part of Google regular crawl process.
  • Instant Previews does not change Google search algorithm or ranking
  • If you are adding the nosnippet meta tag to your pages will cause them to not show a text snippet in the results.
  • URLs that have been disallowed in the robots.txt file will also not show Instant Previews.

For more information – Check Google Instant Previews


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Send Feedbacks on Crawl-Delay in Bing

Bing is looking for input on Crawl-Delay:

In keeping with Bing themes of rapid change and responding to input and feedback from the webmaster community, Bing webmaster teams are working on future feature planning for the Bing webmaster tools and they would like to hear user and webmasters thoughts in a few areas. They starts from Crawl-Delay.

Today, Bing fully support crawl delay which is specified in robots.txt.

Now Bing are considering creating a tool which allows to directly control the frequency, and perhaps even the timing, of msnbot/bingbot.

A few questions from Bing Team:

  1. Do you prefer for us to continue to support crawl-delay in robots.txt?
  2. Would you like to be able to control the crawl rate based on time of day?
  3. What are the ranges of crawl rate you would like to see if you had control over the time of day?
  4. Would you want to turn crawling on/off by time, or just specify different crawl rates based on the time of day?
  5. If you had this ability to directly control the crawl rate through a webmaster tool, how often would you adjust the settings?
  6. If we built this tool, would you like it to control our fetching directly, or would you rather have the tool output the proper robots.txt entries which you then insert into your robots.txt file?

Feel free to send reply to this post on email to

( Source : Bing Webmaster Central Blog )


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Google Instant Search – Fast, Smart and Instant

Google now enhanced his search feature called Google Instant Search. Google Instant is a new search enhancement feature that shows results as you type in the search box.

Google are pushing the limits of their technology and infrastructure to help you get better search results, faster.

Google key technical insight was that people type slowly, but read quickly, typically taking 300 ms between key  strokes, but only 30 ms to glance at another part of the page,  means that we are scan a results page while we type.

Now We  get to the right content much faster than before because we don’t have to finish typing our full search term, or even press “search.”

This Google Instant Search change does not impact the ranking of search results.


  • Faster Searches
  • Smarter Predictions
  • Instant Results

For your Information,

  • Before Google Instant, the typical searcher took more than 9 seconds to enter a search term, and we saw many examples of searches that took 30-90 seconds to type.
  • Using Google Instant can save 2-5 seconds per search.
  • If everyone uses Google Instant globally, we estimate this will save more than 3.5 billion seconds a day. That’s 11 hours saved every second.
  • 15 new technologies contribute to Google Instant functionality.

Google Instant Availability :

Google Instant is starting to roll-out to users on Google domains in the US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Russia who use the following browsers: Chrome v5/6, Firefox v3, Safari v5 for Mac and Internet Explorer v8.

Source : Check out Here – Google Instant Search )

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Moments at India Search Summit 2010 – SEO Event in Chennai, India

Photo Snaps @ India Search Summit 2010 – SEO Event in Chennai, India

(Myself [Abdul Malick]  @ India Search Summit 2010 – SEO Event in Chennai, India )

(With Kiruba, Balaji, Bala, Rajiv, Siva @ India Search Summit 2010 – SEO Event in Chennai, India )

(With C.R.Venkatesh, Raghavan @ India Search Summit 2010 – SEO Event in Chennai, India )

(We @ India Search Summit 2010 – SEO Event in Chennai, India )

(With Ezhil, Sekar and His friend @ India Search Summit 2010 – SEO Event in Chennai, India )

(With Siva, Gopinath, Rajiv and Praveen @ India Search Summit 2010 – SEO Event in Chennai, India )

( With Amsaraj, Shiva, Krishna, Siva chidambaram, Praveen, Gopi and Rajiv  @ India Search Summit 2010 – SEO Event in Chennai, India )

India Search Summit 2010 details with presentation Blog Soon…

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Quick Checklist for Website Redesign

I came across one blog and found some very useful information about website redesign. Just I shared it with you all.

Quick Checklist for redesign the website,

  • 301 redirects. This must be done if you are changing your URLs in any way. This involves pointing the old URLs to the new ones.
  • Reinstall your analytics tracking code. If you use Google Analytics, install the new Asynchronous Tracking code.
  • Create a robots.txt file.
  • Create a HTML sitemap.
  • If you’re a local business, ensure you have all your citations up-to-date. This local citations list from is a great place to start.
  • Redirect the non-www version of your site to the www version (or vice versa). This is referred to as canonicalization.
  • Go through a website usability checklist to ensure your site follows best practices.
  • Put some effort into creating a solid site architecture. Properly organize, prioritize and label your content.
  • If you’re a local SMB, include your address in the footer.
  • If you have a high-traffic site and decide to change the layout, make sure popular features are still easy to find.
  • Freshen up your keyword research. Natural keyword integration into your content is key.
  • Create unique meta descriptions and page titles for every single page. Consider each page to be a new keyword opportunity and avoid duplication.
  • Order is important: Don’t forget semantic structure. Until HTML 5 is in full effect, ensure your headers are listed in order e.g. H1, H2, H3, etc…
  • Logically create search engine friendly URLs with your keywords.
  • Use Flash sparingly. Web savvy visitors prefer practicality. (And yes there are always exceptions to every rule.)
  • Ensure there is a good call to action on every page if you want to convert visitors in some way.
  • Place alt tags on your images.
  • Create a custom 404 page.
  • Plan out a logical internal linking structure. Use good anchor text to link to your other pages.
  • And last, but definitely not least, remember the 5 second rule on your homepage. If your visitor can not find what they need in 5 seconds or less they will leave.

( Courtesy : SEO Scoop )

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Google India – Site Clinic for your Website – Checked Here

The Google India has announced a Site clinic  for websites, Checked by Google Search Quality Webmaster team.

Google Site Clinic India

The Google  Search Quality team  is very excited to bring you a clinic for your website.

This means,  Google India team will analyze websites submitted to the clinic. The plan is to offer constructive advice on accessibility and improvements that can lead to better visibility for your website in Google’s search results.

Submit your website entry here :

Fill in all the information in requested on the form – Click Here to register your site for Google  Search Quality team’s  site clinic,

For More Information, Check out here –

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Google Phone : Nexus One Technical Specification Review

Google Nexus One Phone :

Google Nexus One Phone

Technical Specification of Google Nexus One:

Size and weight

  • Height  – 119mm
  • Width   –  59.8mm
  • Depth   –  11.5mm
  • Weight  –  130 grams w/battery and  100g w/o battery


  • 3.7-inch (diagonal) wide-screen WVGA AMOLED touchscreen
  • 800 x 480 pixels
  • 100,000:1 typical contrast ratio
  • 1ms typical response rate

Camera & Flash

  • 5 megapixels
  • Autofocus from 6cm to infinity
  • 2X digital zoom
  • LED flash
  • User can include location of photos from phone’s AGPS receiver
  • Video captured at 720×480 pixels at 20 frames per second or higher, depending on lighting conditions

Cellular & Wireless

  • UMTS Band 1/4/8 (2100/AWS/900)
  • HSDPA 7.2Mbps
  • HSUPA 2Mbps
  • GSM/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz)
  • Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n)
  • Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
  • A2DP stereo Bluetooth

Power and battery

  • Removable 1400 mAH battery
  • Charges at 480mA from USB, at 980mA from supplied charger
  • Talk time  – Up to 10 hours on 2G and Up to 7 hours on 3G
  • Standby time – Up to 290 hours on 2G and Up to 250 hours on 3G
  • Internet use – Up to 5 hours on 3G and Up to 6.5 hours on Wi-Fi
  • Video playback – Up to 7 hours
  • Audio playback – Up to 20 hours



Qualcomm QSD 8250 1 GHz

Operating system

Android Mobile Technology Platform 2.1 (Eclair)


  • 512MB Flash
  • 512MB RAM
  • 4GB Micro SD Card (Expandable to 32 GB)


  • Assisted global positioning system (AGPS) receiver
  • Cell tower and Wi-Fi positioning
  • Digital compass
  • Accelerometer

Check More Review and Information here –

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Free Access to All Online Learning Courses in eLearning Portal as a New Year Festival Offer

Here one special new year offer to learn and access online courses at free of cost.

White House Business Solutions (WHBS) announces the 30 days free access to all courses in ilearnsmart as a New Year Offer. currently offers academic courses in Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics for K-12 students along with the courses on Management Skills and IT skills for professionals. Ilearnsmart being a Software-as-a-Service e-learning portal, all these courses are offered on subscription model.

Now, as a New Year Offer, ilearnsmart offers 30 days free access to all courses in ilearnsmart. This offer will be available for all the subscriptions made before December 31, 2009. The courses available to subscribe for free in ilearnsmart include:

  • Physics, Chemistry & Biology – CBSE Grade 12
  • Mathematics – Cambridge IGCSE Middle Secondary & Louisiana State Grade K to Grade 8
Management Skills
  • Appraisal Skills, Assertiveness, Change Management, Communications, Counselling Skills, Customer Care, Delegating and Empowerment, Discipline, Facilitation Skills, Influencing and Negotiation Skills, Leadership Skills, Maximizing Your Potential, Presentation Skills, Recruitment and Selection, Stress Management, Team Building, Thinking and Problem Solving, Time Management and Training Skills
IT Skills

  • Windows and Linux Operating Systems, C, C++, C#, Java Programming Languages, Multimedia, Internet Applications, Software Packages, Database Applications, Scripting Languages, Distributing Computing, etc.
Please subscribe now

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