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SEO Keyword Effectiveness – Hyphens vs Underscores


Is it true using hyphens in between your keywords more effective than
using underscores when naming a Web page?


Is search-engine.html more readable by search engines than for instance search_engine.html?


For the answer, read Matt Cutts Blog:

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SEO Tips # 130 – Google Fight (Fun)

Have you wondered about which keyword phrase is listed more often
in Google?

At Google Fight, you can type in two competing key phrases and see
which one is listed more often in the Google database. Have fun!

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SEO Tips # 114 – Meta Description Tags

Your description tags should be around maximum of 150 characters,
including spaces. In your description, use your keyword phrase
prominently and make a description of the page using important
keywords that are actually contained within your readable Web copy.

Mix in a little creativity but ensure that your description reads very clearly and also contains a reason to take action.

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SEO Tips # 96 – Google Hilighter for Keywords

One quick and easy way to see how you are using your keyword phrase “visually” at a glance, is to enter your main keyword phrase into Google’s tool bar and turn on the “hilighter” option. This highlights every instance of your phrase as it is being used on the page. You can glance at it briefly and visually spot where ever you may be over-using any keyword.

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SEO Tips # 86 – Comment tags and Robots.txt

Tip # 1:

Don’t stuff keywords in comment tags. Use comment tags in the manner in which the tag was designed to be used — to place comments about the page itself. Don’t put keywords in comment tags at all.

Tip # 2 :

Have you ever felt like you were running low on ideas in Wordtracker?

Try using the tool to look up multiple new synonyms which you can explore further in Wordtracker.

Tip # 3:

Place a robots.txt file on every domain. The first thing a spider looks for when it hits your Web site is a robots.txt file. If it’s looking for that file, put it on your site! Robot Manager Pro is an excellent tool for creating robots.txt files as well as monitoring spider traffic

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SEO Tips # 71- Search for important Keyword Phrase

Search for your most important keyword phrase. Carefully study the top 10 results. Which is the best written title? Which is the most captivating?

Which grabs the reader by the throat and makes him or her want to click on the link? Is it the #1 ranked result? Not necessarily, is it? Is it your listing?

If it’s not your listing, and especially if you’re having problems with click throughs with this keyword phrase, how can you change your title to make it more intriguing and designed to pull in traffic? We’re talking about click throughs here. You can often beat the top ranked sites if you have a more
appealing and captivating title.

Make a list of title changes, being sure to include your keyword phrase in the title. Set it aside and don’t look at it for two days. Then, bring it out again and study the list again. Begun culling down the list. Get others’ opinions.
Try a new title, and see if your click through rate will improve.

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SEO Tips #63 – Importance of Keyword Reseach

Make sure you are aiming at writing high quality content, (content which is well-written and useful to your visitors.) Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence influences, the better quality of content you write for your visitors, the better you will naturally rank in the future.

By the way, here is a tip about gaining visibility to brand new markets, but without doing any keyword research at all. This is a bonus tip that is “beyond SEO.”

I know it sounds strange coming from someone like me, who is constantly testing new keyword research techniques and researching user behavior through “keyword forensics.” But I just thought you should know about this if you have not seen it.

It has absolutely nothing to do with keyword research.
Now you can:

–Gain huge volumes of new highly-targeted traffic
–Do a different type of research to help you attract immediate
traffic and sales (even to a brand new Web site) within 2-3 days.
–Not SEO focused – but it is 100% white hat and safe to do.
–It does not require any advertising involve any PPC or
–Grab the Step by Step Report which is easy to follow – just
follow the checklist.

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SEO Tips #54 – SEO Focus on keywords and link buildings

For link text coming into your Web site, try and focus on you your researched
phrase 80% of the time and allow for variance of synonyms about 20 % of the

Many times, people only focus on building links to their home page. Don’t forget
to deep link to valuable content within your site too.

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SEO Tips #53 – Webpage Header Tags for SEO

Did you know that every page of your Web site stands on its own?

Every page should have a unique title, description, and keyword tag. The description tag should describe ONLY that page.

The keyword tag should include keywords for just that page.

Include 5-6 keywords, including the main keyword phrase and synonyms of that keyword phrase.

Don’t make the mistake of including every keyword that could possibly describe what your site is about in your keyword tag. Make your keyword meta tag specific for each page.

The keyword tag holds very little importance anyway, but be sure to make it page specific. FOCUS!

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SEO Tips #47 – SEO keyword Phrase importance

Search for your most important keyword phrases. Look at your competitors’ titles and descriptions. How do yours compare with theirs?

Make sure your titles and descriptions are more compelling and designed to grab the visitors’ attention immediately. Ask for several people’s opinion on this — your opinion may be too biased.

If you’re just listing keywords in your title and description versus a compelling title and description, rewrite your tags immediately.

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