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Opening for a Poject Manager – SEO Analyst in Mumbai with experience of 2 years in SEO

Job Description

Will be responsible for Project Management and communication with clients and internal team.

1. Good English Communication skills
2. Ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously
3. Never say die attitude
4. 2 years of SEO experiance

Company Contact
Resultrix Media.,
544, Laxmi Plaza, Building No.9,
Laxmi Industrial Estate,
Andheri West
Mumbai  400053,  India

Phone: +91 22 24460395

Email your resume

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SEO Tip #28 – How important are your customers words to you?

How important are your customers words to you?

Not just the words, but the exact dialog. You see sometimes, people
have a habit of speaking to you using certain terms and while we
understand their meaning – don’t we often substitute other words
of our own in recalling what was said.

There are great benefits to focus on communicating well and hearing
the dialog your customer uses as cues to doing behaviorally related
“keyword forensics.” Synonyms can mean the same thing but may well
reveal somewhat different types of results.

Practice being a better listener and you’ll find wonderful
opportunities in your research.

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SEO Tip #27 – SEO Title tag to attract visitors

Another tip on freshening up some of your Title Tags. Think about
this one. Is there a place you could lift a testimonial to the Title?

These usually are focused on improved results.

-Download your programs 84% FASTER with Download Magic
-Improve your memory by 200% with flash cards

You may generate more response because you put a benefit right
up into the search results. Once again, this is more about gaining
clicks than SEO alone.

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SEO Tip #26 – Writing for the Reader

Your Tip of the Day involves writing for the reader:

Never make the error of assuming that someone reading your offer
will automatically connect the features of your product or your
service to the benefits.

They won’t, unless you dialog about it in such a way that will
help them see every benefit.

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SEO Tip #25 – SEO and Internet Marketing

SEO and Internet Marketing go together. How much do you know about
converting your traffic once you have it?

Do you think your Web page should sell? And if so, then how?

Genuine Internet marketing is similar to real world marketing, but
you don’t have to coerce people to buy your product. Think about it.
A good marketer will supply a qualified and legitimate demand to the
marketplace no different then the way Webster Dictionary or your
local Mr. Sub Sandwich does.

Only weak salesmen resort to trying to convince people that their
product is a real need or is in demand. Much smarter.

Your Web copy is no different than real life.

This is not SEO but it’s the truth.

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Vacancy for SEO Manager in Mumbai with 2 to 5 years experience at ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Ltd

Job Description

Develop content strategy documentation around keyword theme

-Analyze the website to understand business objectives and user goals

-Maintain Link Structure for site navigation and keyword based content organization

-Provide up-to-date Recommendations on site content for optimization

-Evaluate and create site metadata

-Research content strategy and develop best practices

-Monitor, track and report on Analytics metrics

-Keywords and off page assets Research & Analysis

-Floating report on top keywords ranking by category

-Research and analyze competitor links structure

-Back link strategy and its implementation

-Internal link optimization

-Manual: Articles, Press Releases, Directories & Reviews Submission

Apply directly from MonsterIndia here

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SEO Tip #24 – Wordtracker Keyword Research

Next time you do keyword research, think beyond the first terms
that jump into your mind. Most people don’t really research much
data, but the tend to use the tool to tell them about specific
phrases (THEY THINK) are most important. If you don’t believe it
then check this example…

Example, What might a good root word be for an affiliate marketer
to use in a site about “recipes?”

TIP: Try researching anything BUT the most obvious word “recipes.”
Explore the subtle supporting terms and see what happens. You might
try exploring a “food group” or action related to cooking.

See what I found here in this example of just using keyword forensics
method with an ordinary common food. Examples of KEI values of over
200,000 with only subtle difference in the word clusters.

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SEO Tip #23 – SEO Content Writing and Copyrights

After all, as SEOs we are all creating content for the Web. Did you know when your create any originally written work, you automatically own the copyright?

In fact over 200 years ago, the courts recognized that authors of any originally written work for personal correspondence hold full property rights in their expression. So when you create something original, you own the copyright and it not only includes articles, but it is true for your Web content or even correspondence that is sent by e-mail too.

Under common-law copyright, authors hold a right to control whether their correspondence is published to third parties. This is a common-law protection of “private expression” and is nearly absolutely, immune from any defense of “fair use.”

Accordingly, the routine practice of email forwarding would violate  principles of common-law copyright.”

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SEO Tip #22 – Search Engine Ranking Fluctuation

When your search engine rankings fluctuate, or even if your site
drops from the rankings, what does it mean? Understand that these
things are going to appear to happen much more often and they WILL
happen to you.

What you DON’T want to do is make any changes to your Web pages
because of fluctuations in the rankings or because your site drops
out of the rankings.

Remember that this year, rankings in the “traditional sense” of
the top 10 will be far less important because of the effect of
“personalization of search” which is already happening.

Far too many people PANIC in the short term, when they would be
wiser to just take it easy and not start making changes so quickly.

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SEO Tip #21 – Larger Site Advantage

Did you know that there is some relevancy advantage in larger sites at the point
that you begin to have around 100 pages or more indexed? Something seems to happen around the 100 page mark. Remember to focus on building quality content of genuine value to your readers.

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