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SEO Tip #29 – Title Tips in Web Page

We will take a break from Title tips, but let me offer just one more here:

Try using “numbers” at some point in your title where a selection is involved.

Some people seem to like the idea that they a selection to choose from.

Shower curtains – Over 88 different designs just arrived!
Bathroom shower curtains – Over 12 different Warner Brothers themes.

Some people will respond to numbered titles.

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SEO Tip #27 – SEO Title tag to attract visitors

Another tip on freshening up some of your Title Tags. Think about
this one. Is there a place you could lift a testimonial to the Title?

These usually are focused on improved results.

-Download your programs 84% FASTER with Download Magic
-Improve your memory by 200% with flash cards

You may generate more response because you put a benefit right
up into the search results. Once again, this is more about gaining
clicks than SEO alone.

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